Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I sign up for Shoopadoo?

Simply join one of our services by visiting our promotion sites. You can find promotions of Shoopadoo all over the internet. Often you have to solve a puzzle or a question before you are sent to our website. Once there, you are asked to fill in your phone number and you will receive a free confirmation message with a unique code. Once you have filled in this code on the website, you are officially subscribed and you can start receiving mobile content!

2. How can I unsubscribe from Shoopadoo?
There are different ways to stop you subscription from Shoopadoo. One possibility is to send STOP to 19915555. Another way to stop your subscription is by sending an email to (for Australian customers), for Qatar please send your email to Do not forget to add your number to the message, so that we can unsubscribe the right number.

3. What does a subscription at Shoopadoo cost?
When you are subscribed, you will be charged $5.00 AUD per received message with 3 messages per week

4. How do I play?
Each month the most original prizewinner is chosen. You can send your most original reason to:

4. I did not know this was a subscription service, what can I do?
All information stated by Shoopadoo clearly state that this is a subscription service. If you have subscribed you have received a welcome message which clearly states how to unsubscribe from this service.

5. I have not subscribed to this service, but I am receiving messages. What can I do?
We only send messages to phone numbers that are subscribed to our services. Check if people around you have used your phone and maybe subscribed you to our service. The subscription is only activated when all necessary steps are done.

6. My child is underaged and has subscribed to this service without my approval. What can I do?
Shoopadoo understands that this is a very uncomfortable situation. It is easy to unsubscribe, just sent STOP to 19915555 via your child’s phone number. You can also sent a message to Do not forget to add your child’s number to the message, so that we can unsubscribe the right message.

7. My answer is not in the FAQ?
If this 'FAQ' does not answer your questions please send an email to: or call: 1300657431


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